Amala Fruit Powder

Embelica officinalis
Amala: According to Ayurveda, Amalaki rebuilds and maintains new tissues and increases red blood count. It cleans the mouth, strengthens the teeth, nourishes the bones, and is the highest natural source of Vitamin C. Excellent for allergies, anemia, cold and flu, constipation, diabetes, digestive disorders, immune system problems, and liver problems. Amala is the fruit from a myrobalan tree found in Kashmir, the Deccan, and the seacoast districts of India. Just one Amala fruit has the vitamin C content of about six lemons, making it the highest known source of easily assimilable vitamin C. Additionally, because of the presence of certain tannins in the fruit, the vitamin C content is not effected by storage, cooking, or drying. It is said to increase red blood cell count and rebuild and maintain tissues. Also used for general debility and strengthening the immune system. The energy of the fruit is cooling, nutritive to the system, and relieves thirst. Amala gently promotes liver and kidney function, urination, and bowel movement. It can also be used to stop external bleeding as it is fairly astringent.

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