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Papaya Leaf (725 mg)

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Papaya Leaf
725 mg
Capsules 725 mg
Papaya leaves can fight cancer? Some of the greatest cancer scientists in history believed that enzymes can treat and help prevent cancer. Papaya leaves have an enzyme papain. Old school thought is that enzymes help digestion. New medicine in the last fifteen years has proven in clinical studies that enzymes taken by mouth (oral enzymes) can make it past your stomach to treat and help prevent cancer.
In the lab and in clinical studies papain has proven to be a cancer fighting enzyme. Papain is found in the papaya leaf and in many cultures is brewed in a tea to fight and prevent cancer. Papain has been proven in labs and in clinical studies to eat away the protein fibrous coating on cancer cells so that your body can kill the cancer. Papain enzyme is most active at about 150 degrees F, a perfect tea. Traditionally, the dried leaves of the papaya have been boiled for a tea for cancer and other treatments. The tea tastes very much like green tea.

Enzymes have very few side-effects and still are as natural as orange juice. Most people feel more mentally alert, and when taken on an empty stomach, often euphoric. Papaya leaves are natural so the FDA does not get involved in approving them. Many studies have been done proving the positive effects of enzyme therapy during cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Enzymes help your body digest “dead” foods that we eat which often become toxic to our bodies later in life. Our bodies make enzymes from our pancreas, but our American diet overworks our pancreas by the time most of us reach age 25. Drink papaya tea for life! Ask for our free Papaya Leaves for Cancer booklet.

Papaya leaf can help reduce acid secretions, relieve gas and sour stomach, and alleviate chronic diarrhea for most people. Some people have an allergic reaction that actually provokes those symptoms. Papaya leaf tea or decoction can be profoundly helpful with heartburn, but it can also act as a purgative, and too much can upset the stomach. An infusion of the leaves makes the toughest meat tender when rubbed with it or cooked in it.

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