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Stop Smoking Formula Capsules (84 Capsules)

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Stop Smoking Formula Capsules
84 capsules
84 capsules Congratulations on finding the ECK Stop Smoking Formula. A twice-certified hypnotherapist specializing in smoking cessation has been researching herbal therapies for the past 15 years and is convinced that the ECK Stop Smoking Formula is the best there is. The ECK Stop Smoking Formula is a combination of 39 herbs and is the best therapy on the market to stop nicotine addiction completely. This formula will make you feel better than you have in years right from the start. There are so many positive changes you will experience I cannot list them all, but you will. You are welcome to call Stephen Marsden of HealthyVillage.com at 800-753-9199 to find out how this formula can work for you. Call and let us know how you are doing.One thing is for sure you can forget all you thought you knew about quitting smoking because this formula will make you will feel better than you have in years right from the start. The best time to start the ECK Stop Smoking program is at bedtime or 11 PM. It is best to have the next day or two free from work and commitments. Clean and put away all ashtrays. It is very important you destroy all cigarettes in your home and in your car. You are now making the best life-changing decision that you will ever make. Take four capsules with 8 oz of water then go to bed, you will have a wonderful sleep. In the morning take four at 7 AM, then four at 3 PM, then four at 11 PM for 7 days. Remember every 8 hours take four capsules at 7 AM, 3 PM, and 11 PM for 7 days. If you forget, take it as soon as you remember, then get back on the 7 AM, 3 PM, and 11 PM schedule again.

Sometime between the 2nd & 4th day, the nicotine will leave your body. When you feel like you’re going to pass gas GO to the bathroom, believe me, you will experience the nicotine & toxins leaving your body. There are so many positive changes you will experience I cannot list them all, but you will know them. Good luck, and know that you will feel like a new person when you complete this program.

Hi Michael, Success percentages I don’t know but I hear stories all over the board. One girl said she had to quit near the end of the week because they made her so sick. I think she was detoxing too fast. One of the things this blend will do is to get the chemicals out of your system. Some people find one week is enough while others that have been smoking longer may need two or three weeks. Then we have the people that just say “Thanks for the Stop Smoking” capsules. Our Stop Smoking Blend will get the chemicals out of your body but you have to get the desire out of your mind. You need to set a date and a time, and tell everyone. Clean the house and car. Clean all ashtrays and hide them.

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