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Red Yeast Rice (850 mg)

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Red Yeast Rice
850 mg
Ancient Chinese secret?Red yeast rice is a traditional Chinese dietary staple that has been shown in clinical studies to effectively lower serum lipid levels (cholesterol levels). Also known as Monascus purpureus went rice, it is prepared by a raditional rice fermentation method. It’s proven to contain compounds with HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor activity, which is responsible for the inhibition of cholesterol synthesis in the liver. In addition, red yeast rice also contains unsaturated fatty acids that may help reduce serum lipids. The formula has been used in China since the Ming Dynasty, 633 years ago.

Scientific proof. There have been more than 34 clinical studies assessing the effects of Monascus purpureus went yeast. In one major, randomized clinical trial, 446 hyperlipidemic patients with baseline total serum levels of >230 mg/dl were given two capsules of red rice extract (1.2g/day) orally for eight weeks. Hyperlipidemia is a metabolic disorder characterized by high levels of lipids (or cholesterol) in the blood. All patients maintained their normal lifestyle and diet throughout the trial period. At the end of the treatment period, it was found that serum total cholesterol levels were reduced by an average of 23%, triglycerides by 36.5%, LDL-cholesterol by 28.5%, and HDL-cholesterol levels increased by 19.6%. Major clinical tests prove it works. For people whose cholesterol levels are slightly elevated (between 200 and 240mg/dl) red yeast rice is effective at regulating elevated serum cholesterol and triglycerides.

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