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Kombucha Mushroom

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1 Kombucha Mushroom plus 1 cup of tea. A booklet with more information and brewing instruction is included. The active substances of Kombucha address themselves to the whole body system. It can reestablish a normal condition in the cellular membranes without side effects and thus promote one’s well being in a natural , nontoxic manner. Toxins in the body are made water soluble and kidney manageable through their conjugation with the glucoronic acid and thus eliminate thru the urine. The tea purifies the glandular system.We have all spent a life time filling our bodies with all kinds of pure unadulterated junk. We have mercury in our body from our teeth, aluminum in out system from cooking in aluminum cookware, lead in our system from breathing gasoline exhaust fumes, drug residues from a whole host of antibiotics, administered in good faith and with good intent, lots of artificial preservatives used in creating microwave food, fast food, food that won’t spoil etc. It is not a wonder that so many people are sickly. Simply removing the junk from our system will often do wonders. Kombucha tea seems to be the biological equivalent to STP gas treatment carburetor cleaner and radiator flush all rolled up into one.It took a lifetime to accumulate the junk in our systems at the cellular and molecular level and it won’t come out overnight. But drinking the Kombucha tea as part of a daily routine seems to slowly pull these toxins out of our body.