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Guide to Safe Herbs Hard Copy

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Guide to Safe Herbs

Complete Guide to Safe Herbs
Chris D. Melitis – Author

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Hardcover | 12.00 x 8.26in | 256 pages | ISBN 0789480735

Herbs can be a powerful path to healing if used in the right combinations with man-made medications, vitamins, and minerals, and with other herbs and healthy foods. But their potent ability to heal can become downright dangerous when used without care. The Complete Guide to Safe Herbs provides detailed information on the right way to take hundreds of herbs to improve health — without worrying about unexpected side effects. Easily accessible designs illustrate seven chapters covering these key categories: 175 Best Bets for Safe and Effective Herbs; Important Herbal Combination Formulas for Common Ailments; All the Essential Details on Combining Herbs with Over-the-Counter and Prescription Drugs; Helpful – and Dangerous – Herb and Food Combinations; Herb, Vitamin, and Mineral Interactions – What Works and What to Avoid; Buyer Beware; Clear and Concise Advice on Which Herbs to Watch Out For; Herbal Dos and Don’t for Children, Pregnant and Nursing Women, and Older People.