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Cinchona Bark Officinalis Powder 1 Pound

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Cinchona Officinalis
Cinchona Bark is perhaps best known for its use to make tonic water. Cinchona Succirubra (often called Red Cinchona) has a slightly different flavor profile that is preferred by many and is more difficult to harvest, therefore more costly. Both Cinchona Officinalis and Cinchona Succirubra are used to make Tonic Water. Many people that buy Cinchona Powder also buy Citric Acid which we have in stock. Please see the story “Make My Own Tonic Water” on our blog: The Herbal Insider

Finest Quality Cinchona Officinalis Bark Cut. Packed fresh when you order in a heat-sealed zipper-lock bag. Your order is shipped directly to you by First Class USPS mail.

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