Yellow Dock

Rumex crispus
Rumex crispus

Part Used: Root.

Yellow Dock is known for it’s high iron content, and for blood-purifying properties. Liver congestion. Chronic constipation with indigestion. . Food allergies and intolerances; poor fat assimilation. Stomach ulcers, intestinal inflammation. Lymph congestion, swollen glands. Anemia, low red cell count (with circulatory stimulants). Ovarian cysts; reproductive tumors. Eczema; chronic skin conditions esp. with redness, itching, suppuration. Inflammations in general with suppuration; boils, abcesses. Chronic arthritis, gout. Laryngitis, sore throat. Tickling, irritative cough.

One of the traditional potherbs of the spring is the greens of the Dock plant, locally known as Curly Dock. Yellow Dock is the name given to the root of the most common species (Rumex crispus), and it is the root that is used medicinally. The greens, picked young, provide an interersting soury-tasting cooked green that is very nutritious. It is in the Buckwheat family and grows in waste places, old fields and barnyards and generally considered a "weed", whatever that means. The medicinal root is one that I value very highly. The "yellow" dock refers to the yellow color of the root, which picks up iron from the soil, and is a natural and highly assimilable source of this mineral, making Yellow Dock an important herb for anemic conditions, and as a blood-builder in general. Yellow Dock is also one of the time-honored "blood purifiers", purifying the body of toxins by its gentle stimulation of the organs of elimination. Yellow Dock gently stimulates the colon, and is one of the best mild laxatives where a lax condition of the colon prevails. It also contains some tannins which also serve to tone up the colon, so that the laxative effects are balanced out. Food allergies are addressed with Yellow Dock. Yellow Dock also mildly stimulates the liver and symtpoms of malaise, indigestion, fat intolerance, constipation and possible jaundice call for this herb. Chronic gastritis. Yellow Dock is also valuable as a lymph purifier. Among the many conditions this bood-purifier this herb may be used as an aid for include: lymph congestion and swollen glands, abscess, boils, and tumors and cysts (incl. female reproductive). It has a long-standing reputation as a adjunct in cancer, particularly where the blood needs to be bulit up. Breast, ovarian and uterine cancer. Combined with Nettles and an herb like Juniper Berry, it has done very well as a preventative in gout, and arthritis and rheumatism with toxic build-up. Its affinity for the skin makes it a valuable aid in eczema and rashes with redness and itching. Various internal inflammations of the throat and digestive tract are treated with Yellow Dock. Post nasal drip. Throat raw. Tickling, irritating cough. The Round-Leaf Dock (R. obtusifolium) and Water Dock (R. aquaticus) can also be used though they may contain more tannins and be a little weaker in effects. Over the years Yellow Dock root is an herb that has served me as probably the best all around blood builder and purifier around.

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