Lavender Flowers Whole

Lavandula officinalis
This is the best, bluest quality on the market. Good color, good aroma. Lavender is a wonderful example of the dual nature of some herbs (and is wonderful just to have around). It can be both stimulating and calming. For fever with irritation it will calm and cool; for those with conditions with cold and chill it will warm. Similarly it can be used for both nervous hypo- and hyper-function. Heart palpitations and irritability can be relieved, as well as depression with weakness. It is this versatility that makes Lavender such a useful herb. Insomnia and pain. Wonderfully adaptable to children’s need for calming. Depression, anxiety. Weakness, dizziness. Migraine. Hypertension. Beginning stage of cold and flu; sinus congestion; eruptive diseases (measles, etc.). Hard or painful labor. Stomach cramp, Irritable bowel syndrome. Nausea and vomiting. Has proven antiseptic properties and has found a use in many types of lung, urinary tract, intestinal and other infections. Externally has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties; has been used for many types of wounds, insect bites, skin conditions of all types, skin parasites.

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